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Covid-19 Update

My trading hours are changing from Monday 30th March along with the way I am providing bread.  While I’m still committed to getting Good Food to as many people as I can, I am now on my own in the deli as it wasn’t possible for my staff and me to practice safe distancing.  Please follow the processes below to enable me to help as many as I can. Deviation from the following creates more work for me and therefore I will struggle to process your requests and they are likely to get missed.  Many thanks.

I will be trading on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and will have bread from Haxby and Bluebird Bakeries.  This will be sold to order so please place your order by 5pm on Saturday for the following week.  In order to keep the bakers going for longer, a limited offer of the following bread will be available on all three days:-

From Haxby

  • Pain de levain – The Big One; 3.95
  • Crusty white – Old Faithful; 1.79
  • Granary – Fibre Boy; 1.89

From Bluebird

  • 7 seed sourdough – The Fancy One; 2.99
  • Small white sourdough – Small and Perfectly Formed; 2.25

If you’d like to place a bread order, please follow the steps below:-

  • Email 
  • Let me know what you would like on the days I’m trading
  • Indicate if you’d like this to be a standing order (the same each week)
  • Let me have your phone number so I can ring and take payment

Please keep this order to bread only; details follow for other products.  I appreciate that this is very make-shift and I’m working on ways to make the process more 21st Century so keep an eye on the website.

My trading pattern will be as follows:


Tuesday and Thursday

Orders (other than bread) taken and paid for over the phone between 8.30am and 12noon

Collection time for all orders between 1pm and 2pm



Orders taken and paid for over the phone between 9am and 1pm

Collection time for all orders between 3pm and 4.30pm


I am looking at ways to get as much good food out of the door and into your fridges as possible and more details are to come.  Thanks for your patience if I’m unable to answer the phone immediately.  Stay safe, be kind and count blessings. Carol