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My Story


How did I get here!?!?

I first became aware of The Good Food Shop in 2002 when I moved to York.  At the time, it was on the junction of Nunmill Street and Scarcroft Road and was quite literally, my local corner shop.  Being a dedicated foodie, I became a regular.

I always took an interest in the shop and remember thinking what a great little place it was.  One wine-fuelled evening, friends and I mused about buying it between us.  Little did we know…!

The shop moved to its current location on Bishopthorpe Road in 2007 and on 12th May 2017 I was casually scrolling through Twitter and saw it was for sale.  The dilemma started!  I pinged back and forth from “Whoa, I’ve GOT to buy it!” to “Don’t be ridiculous!”  I’d been working as a training and development consultant for over 20 years and was getting tired of being away from home so much.  I am lucky to live in a wonderfully vibrant and thriving community and found I was spending most of my time in hotels, conference centres, airport lounges on trains and motorways…you get the picture.  While it was a job I loved, I was ready for a change.  And this would be a big one.

I viewed the business, did some sums, spoke to family and friends and was still in two minds; one minute buying the shop was the obvious thing to do, the next it was the most ridiculous idea I’d ever had (and I’ve had quite a few over the years!).  Enter Jenny Flintoft; an ex-colleague, friend and fantastic life coach who I’ve known 25yrs.  One Monday morning in a garden centre café, Jen and I met up.  She asked me all the questions I was afraid to ask myself and supported and challenged my decision making process.  You know the result!

On September 11th 2017, the shop became mine.  With the unfaltering support of friends and family, my amazing staff and the continued loyalty of the wonderful folk (customers and fellow traders) who keep Bishy Road alive and thriving, I’ve been able to build and grow the business while keeping its original essence intact.  In August 2018 the shop had a facelift and was relaunched as “Costello’s Good Food Shop”. 

So, did I make the right decision?  Of course I did!

Carol Costello, Owner, Foodie, Local Community Member and Cheerleader for Keeping It Local


Our Vision

To provide an outstanding shopping experience for our customers
To offer delicious food to our customers that is served and sold with pride
To be a great place to work
To work collaboratively with our fellow Bishy Road traders
To build a mutually supportive network of suppliers
To connect with and contribute to the local community
To be profitable to ensure we can sustain what we do
To comply with legislation to keep ourselves and our customers safe
To be responsible for the environment in everything we do



Our Food Promise


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